So it’s been a while and I’m not really sure how things have been…

I had my first counselling session, I only cried once which I guess was good. I plan on going back to the next session, again I guess that’s good. Hopefully it will work out for me, speaking to someone and getting stuff off my chest in a pro active way.

Things are more right now, there’s an effort that wasn’t there before. I don’t know how long it will last but right now it makes me a little hopeful things might magically get better. 

Things are hard right now…I think expectations got in the way and our own thoughts and opinion seemed to change things and hope for other things. If that makes sense.

I still feel confused. I feel tired and worried about little things. It’s not magically gone away in the time I haven’t wrote. I’m hoping my new anti depressants are starting to have an impact and help me out a little bit. 

Breathing has become easier, I can breathe a little more right now.


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