Today is the one day where as a mother you want to feel appreciated. For everything you’ve been doing, all the stress and emotions that you go through, you just want to feel like your doing a good job. 

It has been hard, it’s been sad, it’s been a dream come true. And yet at times I still don’t feel as though I’m good enough.

I am broken and sad but I always want to give my best at being a mum. Some days are much harder then others but you still try. Some days you want to break down crying but you don’t, you still try. Every day I put all the love I have into loving him, leaving now for myself.

And today, the one day you hope you get some love in return, you don’t. You unappreciated and unworthy. 

So Happy Mother’s Day to me and to every single mother that feels unappreciated. You doing a fantastic job.


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