I did it, I finally gave in and asked for help. 

Things haven’t been going well and I think it’s starting to effect my son. Those of you who have been keeping up to date knows I worship my son, he’s the gravity that is keeping me steady. But home life just hasn’t been the same and there’s a tension in the air that won’t disappear.

I never intended to go to therapy, didn’t see the point of a stranger asking me question I struggle to talk about, I’m not exactly a verbal person. But I admit, things have gotten to the stage where I need to talk to someone, I need help understanding the confusion inside me. I need to figure if I want this life any more and still be a wife.

I know many people must go through all these thoughts and emotions but the things I’m questioning have been questioned since the start and nothing is getting better.

I can’t seem to separate what I’m feeling and what the depression is telling me to feel.


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