Today hasn’t been a great day for my anxiety. Never again will I eat a pasty, living in Cornwall that’s something really hard to do. A result of mis-communication, mis-read facts and stubborn opinions had made me out to be a selfish a**hole, to be precise
“For a selfish a**hole you are unbeatable”
Am I selfish? I don’t think so. I do put my husband and child’s needs in front or everybody else’s, but does that make me selfish? I can’t work it out, but of course I am biased. Battling with my depression has been hard, the tablets are not working, tbh they have never worked to begin with, I am so low with arguments and so much hate, that I’m trying to spend time looking after myself. Again does this make me selfish? I don’t know how to keep goin forward when I’m reminding constant of the past. Yes I have made mistakes but I am only human.
Ok…keep breathing.


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