I’m really good at pretending that I’m ok. I work in hospitality where I wear this fake smile shift to shift, ask strangers how they are and bend over backwards to make sure things get done. Do you know how exhausting it is pretending that your always ok? 

Even on my bad days when I go into work I am still pretending. People ask how I am, but they don’t really care, I say “I’m fine, today is a good day” so they believe it. Or they just accept what your saying so they don’t have to deal with the stress and problems weighing down on your shoulders.

I’m really struggling saying I’m fine all the time and pretending to be the d happy me when really I’m not. I’m tired, exhausted emotionally and feeling cut off from what I really am feeling because the tiredness is winning.
I don’t know if the depression is winning or the anaemia.


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