I didn’t even realise the reason behind why I was so down. Being anemic i tend to get tired and dizzy at times but the feelings I was getting was worse. I was constantly tired and irrateted with every little thing people would do, I couldn’t focus, sleep and feel anything towards my husband. The only saving grace I had was my little peice of perfection smiling up at me, he was everything and the only thing I wanted in my life. 

But someone close to me explained that feeling the way I was, wasn’t my fault, that something dark inside me was clouding emotions and my judgment. They told me I needed to talk to someone about how I was feeling, and eventually I did.

I have tablets that I need to take, it’s been nearly 4 months and honestly I don’t feel the slightest bit different. But the main thing is, I’m trying to fight it. I won’t talk to some professional about, I’ve never been good at expressing myself with words, but with writing it all down.

So this is my therapy and to those reading this your my professional help I need to get through this. 


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